Root Canals

More than 41,000 root canals are preformed each day. That equates to more than 15 million each year. As you can see this is a very common dental procedure.

Who wouldn’t want to save their tooth? No one wants a toothless smile. It may have been cute when you were 8 but not as an adult.

When a tooth gets infected, pain is usually present (but does not have to be present for an infection to be.)


The tooth is literally dying if it’s not already dead.

Instead of pulling the tooth, the dentist tries to save the tooth by drilling out the top so that the pulp and nerve can be removed. The tooth is then cleaned and sealed with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha, it is then covered with a crown or a filling.

Sounds simple, and effective. You still have your tooth and it no longer hurts.

Yet the procedure is not as effective as it sounds as the infection is still there.

Unfortunately, even the best endodontist can not achieve complete sanitation of the tooth due to the 6 miles of dentinal tubules found in that one tooth. These dentinal tubules permeate throughout the entirety of the tooth and are what allow us to sense heat and cold.

An analogy we like is: a cat (which is your immune system) is laying outside of a mouse hole (which is your tooth’s dentinal tubule) wanting the mouse (bacteria, parasite, infection) hiding inside. Except the cat cannot get the mouse to eat it because it’s too big to fit inside the mouse hole, therefore unable to reach the mouse.

The same thing is happing with root canaled teeth. Unfortunately, when the nerve and pulp of the tooth is removed, the immune system is no longer able to reach the infection that persists in the dentinal tubules of the tooth.

This means the infection that caused you to need a root canal in the first place will still be present even after having the procedure done. The worst part is the infection still has access to your lymphatic system, which we know runs throughout your whole body. i.e.) The infection that started in your tooth can still go EVERYWHERE.

Because of this root canal treated teeth are still breading grounds for very harmful anaerobic bacteria and parasites along with their toxins. Often times the toxins from the bacteria or parasites are more harmful than the infection itself. That means every time you chew or grind your teeth those bacteria, parasites and their toxins move from your tooth into your lymphatic tissues. From there they go into your blood stream where they now can literally can go anywhere.

Hence root canals resulting in:

  • Arthritis
  • Kidney Disease
  • Heart disease
  • MS (Mental disorders anxiety or depression)
  • Lupus
  • Digestive issues (leaky gut)
  • ALS
  • Uterine dysfunction (infertility)
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Cancers (breast cancer)
  • Sinusitis

We know what your thinking, dental techniques have changed and and it’s not possible for a root canal treated tooth to still harbor infections.

Out of 5000 root canal treated teeth that were extracted and examined, 4999 of them still had infections present. This study was done in 2014.

Recently in 2018 the CDC released that 7 out of 10 degenerative inflammatory disease are cause by dental microbes. Those microbes are the infections in our mouths and the same ones that are left behind in a root canal.

To make matters worse if you have 2 or more root canaled teeth you have a 62% increased in the odds of developing coronary heart disease.

So is it worth getting a root canal?

We don’t think so, especially with all of the possible long term health problems that can occur.

You are better off pulling the tooth and either getting a partial bridge or a dental implant. Your immune system and whole body will thank you!!!

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