Hey there,

Are you like me?

I imagine that you are here because you are in the same seat thatI was before we found the information that we will share with you. I was Frustrated! Confused! and Lost!

8 years ago out of thin air, I gained 30lbs in a month, my hair started thinning, I was exhausted and couldn’t figure out why.

Absolutely NOTHING changed in my life

Dental Detox

I was just as active as before playing volleyball, hiking, and lifting weights.

I was eating a clean diet… homemade food, rarely if ever processed food. No gluten, pop and I am not much of a sweets guy to begin with… but still BAM i gained an extra 30lbs.

No matter what I did; dieted, took out alcohol, exercised more (even though I was so tired) I could NOT lose a pound let alone 30.

Finally after months of trying on my own I realized I needed help.

I went to not just 1 doctor but multiple ones to find out why I felt like crap.

Non of them had answers.

It wasn’t until I (and Caitlin) found a functionally trained doctor that I found out I had leaky gut syndrome that was driving my autoimmune disease and that was the source of all of my frustration, problem and lack of results.

Finally some answers. With healing my gut (or at least what I thought I was doing was healing it) I started to see weight dropping, my hair was starting to fill in, and my energy slowly started coming back. I was only able to lose about 20 pounds of the 30 that I had gained but no matter what I did the last 10 wouldn’t come off.

I chalked it up to a slow metabolism and getting older… but the feeling of defeat crept back. Never the less I continued on my journey and kept working at it.

Then enters the next chapter of our story…

When we started trying to conceive and it didn’t happen right away I was surprised but not concerned. After all, conceiving a baby can take time, we were crazy busy with our practice, so I guess you could say a little stressed.

After a year rolled by and still no pregnancy, I agreed with Caitlin that we needed to get more detailed testing done to make sure everything was ok. Turns out everything is “fine”, or at least no specialist could tell us why we aren’t getting pregnant.

There were a couple recommendations like diet, lifestyle change, and all the other things that we had already been told and then they recommended a IUI, so we gave that a shot… low and behold, still not baby.

When the “textbook perfect IUI” didn’t work and still with no answers other than, “you need to do IVF.”

IVF just didn’t sit right with either of us so we decided to wait and do more research.

At a conference we were attending we were exposed to the link between our mouths and the rest of our body and we had the epiphany of… Why hadn’t we thought of this?

The more I learnt about silver fillings and everything I was still dealing with I knew I had to have it removed. I found a biological dentist that practices safe amalgam removal and had the Clifford test done to determine which composite filling would suit my body best. To learn more about the Clifford test. Click here to find out more.

After the removal of my silver filling my dentist wanted to address the crown as she stated “most crowns have silver fillings under them.”

I was 100% certain that mine did not, as when I had the crown placed I made sure to tell the dentist “Absolutely no silver fillings are to be used.” I also called that dental office to verify that no amalgam filling was left or placed under my crown. That dental office assured me that there wasn’t any amalgam under the crown.

SO I figured it was safe to put off getting my crown replaced.

I focused on detoxing the mercury that had accumulated in my body over the 11 years it was in my mouth. And I started feeling even more like my self.

I had lost an addition 5lbs, and was sleeping better. I was however still hyper sensitive to food. If I got exposed to gluten or sugar I would still swell up and look 7 months pregnant. It was common for me to gain 5-10 pounds after a food exposure, it sucked.

Fast forward to December 2018 I finally made the time to get my crown replaced. And to my surprise there was a HUGE silver filling under it! What!? I was so certain that there wasn’t any more toxic amalgam in my mouth.

I was LIVID. I specifically asked if amalgam was used and was told NO.

The more Caitlin and I talked about it the more it made sense. The silver filling was likely the reason my tooth cracked in the first place, so although no additional amalgam was added it remained there when the crown was placed.

Still the dental office that placed my crown should have told me it was under there. We are finding out this unfortunately is a common occurrence with crowns hiding silver fillings.

Other than being told wrong information we were pissed because mercury has an affinity to sperm and ejaculate by inhibiting zinc and manganese which results in low motility. Not to mention the women can produce antibodies to mercury which will than react with the sperm and kill them… sorry for the science talk but… HUMMMMM “unexplained infertility”?!?

Since having the rest of the silver filling properly removed and the crown safely replaced I have noticed the last of my brain fog has be lifted. It happened almost instantaneously. The next week my brain was clearer than it has been in almost a decade… Not to mention I no longer hyper react to food the way that I did.

I no longer look swollen, and my “dad bod” is melting away with the help of our heavy metal detoxing program.

Finally I feel like myself again.

Of course there are still improvements I want to make but I was able to take another huge step in the right direction. So can you!

Don’t give up or take the lack of answers as fact and look in your mouth for the cause of your health struggles. It can change your life!

In health Dr. Niels