Hello friend

Do you feel ignored or
completely dismissed from a doctor?

Unfortunately you are not alone, and in fact I have been there myself.

12 years ago I was chronically fatigued, couldn’t breath through my nose, remembering anything was a challenge, my mood was all over the place and I was going to the bathroom (#2) every third day. Friends, I was in my mid twenties but I felt like a senior citizen.

Dental Detox

I was miserable but every doctor I saw said I was “fine” or “all good.” All I needed to do was destress.

How do you “destress?” Was I suppose to get rid of my family, Niels, work, school, exercise? Not a practical option.

So I went along with my life thinking that this was going to be my new normal.

It wasn’t until Niels and I found a functional medicine practitioner 10 years ago that I started feeling “more normal.” My moods stabilized, my memory started coming back and so did some of my energy. Turns out, my thyroid wasn’t converting T4 into T3 properly, even though I was told that my thyroid function is perfectly normal.

Skipping ahead to 2014, Niels and I decided to start trying for a baby.

My menstrual cycles have always been regular, but very painful. I truly believed that we would find out we were expecting the first month (as that’s been the trend that has been in our family’s.)

However that was not our experience with getting pregnant. So after a year of trying we decided to take a closer look and make sure everything was ok with us.

After trying an IUI and it failing, we were told we needed to have IVF if we ever wanted to have kids. That didn’t sit right with either of us. How could we have a textbook perfect IUI fail but doing IVF would work?

We decided that wasn’t the direction we wanted to go at that time.

16 months into our fertility journey we both knew something was being missed as there is no such thing as “unexplained infertility.” Or at least we don’t believe in there being an unexplained reason. That is when we were exposed to the oral-body connection, and our minds were blown.

We started researching…

  • Silver fillings (mercury and how it affects sperm production and how the women can create antibodies to mercury and as a result kill the sperm)
  • Cavitations harboring infections that can affect fertility and the uterus.
  • Sealants and other composite material used to fill cavities driving estrogen dominance

Between the two of us we have had every possible dental procedure done except root canals or dental implants.

The last 2 years we have focused our attention on undoing all of the wrong things dentally we have had done since we were children. We also included doing specific heavy metal detoxing to remove all of the toxic material that had been used in our mouths and accumulated over the years.

For me specifically…

  • I had my tonsils and adenoids removed at the age of 7 because of chronic strep
  • 8 adult teeth pulled because “I didn’t have room in my mouth for all of them” (4 were wisdom teeth.)
  • I had a sealant put on my teeth at 16 to help fill in the “crevasse” to help avoid cavities, which I now know drives estrogen dominance, a hormone problem I am currently working on correcting
  • I had braces twice and could use them a third time as my teeth still aren’t hollywood straight
  • 4 GINORMOUS cavitations where my wisdom teeth were suppose to be
  • I am a mouth breather
  • AND I had a ton of heavy metal toxicity from a silver filling I had on a baby tooth as a child not to mention all the toxins I had received in utero from my mother (generational toxicity.)

Since addressing these issues and making sure to correct them properly my life has drastically improved.

So if you are searching for the why, much like I have been… you need to look in your mouth.

Welcome to the journey of reclaiming your health by finding and addressing the root cause.

All the best. Dr. Caitlin