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Hi there. It’s Dr’s Caitlin Czezowski DC, CFMP, CACCP and Niels Pedersen D.C. We are functional medicine practitioners that are hugely passionate about finding the cause of ones health issues and developing a safe and effective plan to reverse them.

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Dental Detox

We are constantly asked…

“What made you decide to become
functional medicine practitioners?”

The simple answer is because of our own health struggles.

We each were dealing with a variety of very frustrating symptoms, despite the fact that we were eating well and exercising.
No matter what we did, and we tried “everything”…Nothing seemed to make a difference.

We still had unexplained

Fatigue, brain fog, mood swings, inability to
lose weight and constant anxiety

We didn’t get any symptomatic relief until we saw a functional medicine doctor. Finally we started to get some relief because
someone was finally looking for the cause of the problems rather than the typical “bandaid approach.”

Our energy improved, brain fog subsided, mood was more stable and Niels finally started losing some weight. Only one problem…
that all plateaued and didn’t budge regardless of what he did again

We knew that we were still missing something
and then we got our next step.

We were at a seminar listing to a Doctor and a Biological Dentist discuss the mouth-body connection, and how for many people the cause of their symptoms originated in the mouth. That was the a-ha moment we needed. We not only started going to the most amazing biological dentist, we also started reading research on the mouth like crazy. Both of us had multiple dental toxins stopping us from achieving optimal health.

This information and properly going through our own Dental Detox has allowed us to take our health to new levels and make massive impact on our patient’s and client’s results as well.

This is why we are so passionate about educating our community on the dangers and causes of dental toxins driving a plethora of symptoms. MD’s, DO’s, DC’s, ND’s, health coaches, and even Dentists aren’t putting all the puzzle pieces together, so we will.

We believe with all of our being, that if the cause of your problem and symptom is never removed or addressed, you will always struggle. We can say this because we lived it and experienced it… and overcame it.

Dental Detox

You can too with The Dental Detox. Join us and finally start getting to the cause of your health issues. Live the life you want and deserve.

Dr. Caitlin and Dr. Niels

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