Are amalgam (silver) fillings really an issue we need to be concerned about?

The short answer is YES, 100% they are toxic and extremely problematic.

Silver fillings are approximately 50% mercury by weight along with silver, tin and copper. It is the color of the filling that gives it’s most commonly used name; silver filling.

The concern with amalgam or silver fillings is that they slowly and continuously leach mercury vapors that get absorbed by our cells; specifically nerve and fat cells.

Mercury is a powerful neurotoxin and, once it reaches certain levels, can cause neurological issues, autoimmune disease, chronic illnesses along with a variety of mental disorders.

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Studies have found that the amount of mercury vapor released each day from an amalgam filling varies from 2 ug/day up to 20 ug/day. According to OSHA and other federal environmental agencies the high end levels are considered unhealthy.

Do you know what causes the mercury in your fillings to vaporize? Well it’s brushing the filling (like when you brush your teeth or get your teeth cleaned), chew (food or gum), grinding or clenching your teeth, drinking hot beverages. Things we all do on a daily basis, which by the way can also lead to a fivefold increase in mercury levels after performing these activities.

The highest dose of mercury you are exposed to is when the silver filling is placed along with when they are removed. This is why it is so VITALLY IMPORTANT that you have your fillings removed properly from a trained dentist.

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Not only is it important to have your silver fillings removed safely and properly, it’s equally important to detox your body from the mercury that has built up in your bodies tissues. The number of silver fillings in ones mouth is directly proportional to the the amount of mercury built up in a growing fetus.

The organs that accumulate the most mercury are: Brain (specifically the pituitary gland), kidneys, lungs, nerves, heart and immune system, liver, digestive and reproductive system.

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